Dump Site

The Medina Town Dump Site is currently undergoing cleanup. There is a plan in place for a clean up company to come and start hauling the debris and demolishing the old farm house.-possibly starting on Wednesday June 26th. This will take time (approximately 2 weeks-weather depending). The Dump will be open for storm debris and regular garbage -possibly on Wednesday June 26th starting at 4pm. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING TO THE DUMP UNLESS THE ATTENDANT IS AVAILABLE!!! The Town of Medina needs to keep inventory of what is coming in for State and Federal Aid purposes. Please be patient while we try to make everything as easily accessible and safe for everyone.

Please contact the town clerk at clerk@townofmedina.wi.gov with any estimates, photos or updates of your storm damage.

If you need some special accommodations for the dump-Please contact Sue Zingshiem at 608-655-3530 or at super2@townofmedina.wi.gov